1. Yann Gourdon
    Yann Gourdon

  2. Jupiter and Beyond
    Rafael Toral and João Pais Filipe

  3. Mike Wexler with Synthetic Love Dream
    Mike Wexler with Synthetic Love Dream

  4. Racconto Artigiano
    Loup Uberto

  5. Dix Ailes
    Clément Edouard

  6. L'inattingible
    Delphine Dora

  7. Early Abstractions, Vol. 1
    Danny Oxenberg + Bear Galvin + friends (Pillow Mt. Conspiracy)

  8. Les Particules

  9. L'océan rêve dans sa loisiveté "third session"

  10. Zuppa di pazienza
    Giovanni Di Domenico

  11. Abandonnée/Maléja
    La Tène & Jacques Puech et Louis Jacques & Jérémie Sauvage et Guilhem Lacroux

  12. Molen
    Circle Bros

  13. A Une Gorge
    Orgue Agnès

  14. Vanishing Points
    Manuel Troller

  15. Volume VI - The Suns Rises in your Tummy & other Christmas Illuminations
    Filipe Felizardo & The Things Previous

  16. Estrela
    Norberto Lobo

  17. Misztériumok

  18. Eudaimon
    Delphine Dora

  19. Tardive/Issime
    La Tène

  20. The xvoto reels

  21. Paon perdu
    Le fruit vert

  22. Tourmaline

  23. La bride
    Eloïse Decazes & Eric Chenaux

  24. Sir Robert Williams
    Oba Loba

  25. The Byre
    Norberto Lobo and Eric Chenaux

  26. Nowruz
    João Lobo

  27. Syntropy
    Mike Wexler

  28. Ruins of Time

  29. Muxama
    Norberto Lobo

  30. antiguo
    dana valser

  31. Vouerca/Fahy
    La Tène

  32. Late Superimpositions
    Danny Oxenberg & Bear Galvin (Pillow Mt. Conspiracy)

  33. Rust
    Circle Bros

  34. Volume IV - The Invading Past and Other Dissolutions
    Filipe Felizardo

  35. In ZdB
    Denki Udon

  36. Cuts
    Riccardo Dillon Wanke

  37. Sombras Incendiadas
    David Maranha & Helena Espvall

  38. L'océan rêve dans sa loisiveté

  39. Fornalha
    Norberto Lobo

  40. Half Quartet
    Imagho & Mocke

  41. Volume II - Sede e Morte
    Filipe Felizardo

  42. Savage Bliss

  43. The Politics Of Lonely

  44. Phantasmes

  45. Your Victorian Breasts

  46. Gone EP

  47. Far from paradise
    Ruth featuring Mushy

  48. Today Is Yesterday’s Tomorrow

  49. Split series volume 5
    Jeremy Lemos / Matt Jencik

  50. Split series volume 4
    Matthew Hale Clark / Ken Camden

  51. When I'm Gone

  52. Offtempo
    Larkian & yellow6

  53. The Half Forgotten Relic of a Dream

  54. 'neath the tumbling stars EP
    absent without leave

  55. Split series volume 3
    Annelies Monseré / Richard Youngs

  56. s/t
    Bio + Larkian + Les Poissons Autistes

  57. :take:

  58. meridians
    thisquietarmy and Scott Cortez

  59. Does Your Cat Know My Dog?

  60. Split series volume 2
    the fun years / .cut featuring Gibet

  61. Err on the Good Side

  62. Split series volume 1
    :take: / white/lichens


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